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Why are my plants turning yellow? If your vegetable garden or house plants have gone from verdant to flavescent, it could be a sign of health issues like too much water or too few nutrients. A new infographic offers tips for getting to the root of the problem.

Why Are My Plants Turning Yellow?

A closer look at yellowing leaves on plants can help gardeners get to the root of the problem.

Professional Seeder - Lee Valley Tools

Lee Valley Tools

It is difficult to plant tiny seeds such as poppy, impatiens and lobelia by hand. Even small fingers are awkwardly large, unintentionally grabbing 10 or more speck-sized seeds at once and then depositing them en masse. Not only is this traditional method wasteful, but it also creates extra work by making it necessary to thin seedlings. This seeder picks up and releases even the tiniest seeds one at a time with ease. Akin to a turkey baster, it works with a simple squeeze-and-release action…

Giant Weed Torch - Lee Valley Tools

Lee Valley Tools

This is a great way to get rid of weeds on patios or between paving stones without resorting to chemicals. It's also effective for removing ice from walkways. Because you can kill weeds by applying only enough heat to shrivel them, you can cover a lot of area quickly with this 100,000 BTU torch. We offer two models. The original torch produces a continuous flame when ignited, suitable for covering larger areas. Also available with a flame-control squeeze valve on the wand that lets you…

Soil pH Meter - Lee Valley Tools

Lee Valley Tools

You can easily check the pH level of your garden soil with this quick-read meter, ensuring that your plants have the correct balance for healthy, vigorous growth. It requires no tablets, paper strips or batteries – chemical reactions between the bi-metal probe and acidic or alkaline soil produce enough voltage to make the indicator needle move, measuring pH from 3.5 (strongly acidic) to 9 (strongly alkaline). All you need to do between test locations is wipe the dirt off the probe. The 26…

Memory Foam Knee Pads - Lee Valley Tools

Lee Valley Tools

These are knee pads you can wear all day. The straps are soft to the touch, easily flex as you move and don't pinch or bind behind your knees when crouching.The pads have soft layers of memory foam that conform to the shape of your knees and a thick core of dense EVA foam to prevent debris or surface irregularities from creating pressure points. The outer covering is nylon with a neoprene lining for water resistance. Hook-and-loop fasteners make strap adjustments easy.The only downside to…

Jumbo Rain Gauges - Gardening

Lee Valley Tools

With large graduations and a brightly colored indicator float, this rain gauge is easy to read from as far away as 50'. Measuring up to 5" of rainfall, the plastic tube is calibrated so that the float rises 4 1/4" for each inch of rain – even a light shower registers clearly. The 26 1/4" gauge mounts on a post with a supplied plastic bracket (screws not included) and simply lifts out of the bracket for drainage. A great assist for the conscientious gardener.Made in USA.

Carabiner/Brim Light - Lee Valley Tools

Lee Valley Tools

Discontinued. Limited stock. Price reduced.With its interchangeable clips, this compact wide-beam LED light can be used in two ways. The carabiner clip has a 3/8" gate for attaching to a key ring, backpack or zipper pull. The brim clip allows mounting to a baseball cap for hands-free use, and has a hinge to set the angle of the light. Weighing just 1/2 oz (14g), the light is easy to carry no matter where you clip it. It has high (10 lumen), low and flash settings. Powered by two included…

Tomato Craters - Gardening

Lee Valley Tools

This simple device makes tomatoes grow faster and bigger. It suppresses weeds, blocks cutworms, concentrates water at the roots, and warms the soil to increase root growth. It even helps prevent blossom end rot. The two-part design makes it easy to set in place after the seedling is planted. Set on the soil under the plant, the red crater will increase yields and make the fruit set earlier. (Research done by a number of universities has shown that red reflects a certain spectrum of light…

Prowler Owl - Gardening

Lee Valley Tools

Flexible wings and whole-body movement give this scare owl a dynamic realism that makes it particularly effective for large gardens. Designed to look like a hunting owl, it has large wings that move to attract the attention of birds and other small pests and scare them away. Adding to the illusion, the wings and tail are printed with realistic plumage and the hard resin-plastic head has lifelike eyes. Made of weather-resistant material, the wings and tail flutter in the slightest breeze. The…

Nut & Fruit Gatherer - Gardening

Lee Valley Tools

A lawn covered with nuts or crab apples is not only unsightly, but perilous for feet and lawnmowers. This tool collects nuts and fruit with a quick rolling motion. The highly flexible wires in the barrel-like head capture almost any small object. To empty, simply spread the wires at one point and dump the contents. The 12" wide head picks up most items between 3/8" and 2" in diameter. A great back-saving tool for collecting acorns, crab apples, etc., it also works beautifully on golf balls…

Min-Max Thermometer - Gardening

Lee Valley Tools

When growing frost-tender plants in cold frames, greenhouses or even window wells, it is critical to know what range of temperatures your plants are subject to. This thermometer will do just that. The operating mechanism is a bimetal strip that bends one way if heated, and the opposite way if cooled. The red marker is pushed to the right as temperature rises, and the blue marker is pushed to the left as temperature drops. Each marker rests at the minimum or maximum temperature marking, shown…

Stepping Edger - Gardening

Lee Valley Tools

Stepping Edger from Lee Valley Tools. Lee Valley offers high-quality woodworking tools (woodturning, wood finishing, sharpening, woodcarving), gardening tools and hardware to woodworkers, cabinetmakers and gardeners

Wüsthof Pull-Apart Shears #williamssonoma

Wüsthof Pull-Apart Shears

No kitchen is complete without a pair of all-purpose shears. Made in China by Wüsthof, these shears are ideal for a multitude of cutting tasks – from snipping twine, fresh herbs and flowers to slicing dried fruit and shaping parchment. Wüsthof has introduced a new logo for their cutlery. Please note that the logo on your knives may differ slightly from images shown here. Durable stainless-steel shears come apart for easy cleaning and sharpening. Slip-resistant polypropylene handles…

Biosta Sprouter with 3 levels -Green Tint Brand: Biosta Biosta  $32

Biosta Sprouter with 3 levels -Green Tint Brand: Biosta

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Garden Scoot in use. Avoid bending, stooping, & kneeling

Accessible Gardening Techniques

No matter what life throws at you, get back into the garden with these tricks and tools for elderly or disabled gardeners.

Full Circle Home Composter by

Full Circle Home Composter

Purchase includes (1) Full Circle Home - Fresh Air Kitchen Compost CollectorChoose from Cool Earth or Green Slate. Five compostable bags are also included.Materials: Partially recycled plastic, partially recycled stainless steel• Wire holds bags in place for easy removal and less mess• Includes 5 biodegradable bags for easy transport to compost pile or city green bin• 1.3 gallon capacity• Easily disassembled and dishwasher safe• Oxygen enters through unique wind-flume…