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Manley SLAM! Stereo valve limiter and a class A mic preamp. £4,995 (ex VAT)

The Manley SLAM! (Stereo Micpre And Limiter) Stereo channel with both FET and EL-OP compressors and the fattest, smoothest tube preamp ever.

AKG C451B/ST Matched Pair of C 451B

The matched pairs consist of two microphones that are within 1 dB to each other in sensitivity and also within 1 dB to each other in the range of 200 Hz to

Akg - Akg C414 XL II Stüdyo Kayıt Mikrofon Seti

Akg - Akg C414 XL II Stüdyo Kayıt Mikrofon Seti

Shure SM57

Buy the Shure Microphones. Perfect for micing up instruments such as guitar amps and drums. Shure bundles are available with stands.

Next on my list of gear to buy.

Click Image Above To Purchase: Avalon Direct Box Instrument Preamplifier - Anniversary

Truth be told, even if you know its not the best thing to have, who doesn't like Nutella? It has become an ingredient in itself. Nutella desserts and nutella cream cheese frosting. Having said that, once in a while a decadent indulgence is worthwhile and it doesn't matter if you carry the motto 'moderation is the key'. So lets indulge, my friends:) In a frothy, creamy, chocolaty and hazelnut coffee.

This Nutella coffee is the best way to make coffee if you want to recreate a restaurant style coffee at home. It has the goodness of coffee and a Nutella Shake is perfect for the cold days when all you want to do is cozy up.