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Microsoft sharepoint foundation 2010 You can create a completely customized alert system if you want. If your messaging solution uses the Office Mobile Service (OMS) protocol, most of your development work has already been done for you.

Microsoft sharepoint foundation 2010 these topics provides a brief description of the important new features in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation and areas where existing features have been improved and enhanced. Each topic includes links to areas in the SDK where the subject is discussed in greater depth.

Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 includes many new features, feature enhancements, and general improvements to feature behaviors. Most of these are discussed in the Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Software Development Kit (SDK). To learn about features added in Service Pack 1, download the white paper Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 and Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.

Microsoft sharepoint foundation 2010 adds many new types of mobile pages and over 60 new public mobile controls. These improvements provide new or enhanced support in mobile devices for view filtering, people selection, file uploading, images, wiki pages, Web Parts pages, and other functionality. The appearance of mobile pages is more colorful as well.