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Superhero Station role play area - featuring superhero phone book, jail, marvel encyclopaedia & other superhero stories, incident writing forms and dressing up!

School role play. Teacher's chair and box of tricks: dinner register, register, tambourine (I have fairy bells to get the children's attention) and stationary. Whiteboard Number line Good to be green chart (our school's behaviour management system) Today we are learning / your teachers today are... notices Children's table with books and stationary Teacher lanyards Merit books and reading records Certificates and high fives Reading books, shapes and counting / sorting bears. EYFS

Role play library. Variety of books (information, picture books, reading books.) Till, scanner, chip and pin machine. Library cards, checking out forms, signing up forms, leaflets. Cushions, teddies and blankets. EYFS

Cinema role play area. Tickets to write, till and money, film posters, coming soon, now showing, popcorn and drinks prices, ticket prices, seat numbers, lettered rows, large small and medium sized popcorn and drinks. EYFS