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Hand drawn cartoon pets Stock Photo

Illustration of Hand drawn cartoon pets vector art, clipart and stock vectors.

Christopher Gryder

Chris Gryder Ceramic Tiles, Murals, Installations, Public Art, and Tile Assemblages.

ENCHANTED FOREST Switch Plates, Outlet Covers & Rocker Switchplates; not a tutorial, but an interesting idea for polymer clay.

Website not available, but good inspiration - ENCHANTED FOREST Switch Plate - I love forests. Gives me nice ideas for future designs in clay.

Hindu God - Brahma

Hansa Gita comes from Mahabharata (Shanti Parva). It is a conversation between Bhishma and Yudishthira wherein Bhishma tell the latter how Lord Brahma in His incarnation of a golden swan instructed the Saadhya Devtaas about Moksha Dharma.

Krishna Art, Hare Krishna, Sketch Ideas, Indian Art, Glass Art, Art Ideas, Indian Paintings

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Get Students to Create Their own Infographic Timeline That Demonstrates Their understanding Of Art History yr (relates to musical time periods)