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The Bengali traditional attire truly describes ethnicity and sophistication. With each wedding having its distinct charm, it is difficult to say whether the or the ceremony which one is more and

Bengali Wedding

"Bengali Wedding" Bengali marriage ceremony takes place in the state of Bengal or between Bengali people. The wedding ceremonies in Bengal are quite.

ahnishwari: Tanishq Wedding Jewelry Photographer: Suresh Natarajan Gorgeous Bengali Bride! :)

Not much of a big wedding fan, but Bengali weddings just melt my heart. Apart from the reason being that I am Bengali myself, the wedding in it's entirety is so warm and beautiful.

Last touches. #earrings, #indianbride, #bride Tanishq Weddings

Tanishq - The Wedding Jeweller! Tanishq by Tata is definitely the leader in India when it comes to Bridal Jewellery.

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Candid wedding Photography Kolkata

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The Beautiful Bengali Bride, makeup by Aniruddha Chakladar. Visit us at for top Beauticians.

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Bengali Hindu Bride from West bengal.   You will find top makeup artists at…

Bengali Hindu Bride from West bengal. You will find top makeup artists at…

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Bengali Bride Perfect Look - Traditional Banarasi Saree, Mukut ( Crown ), Shindoor, Shakha Pola (Traditional bangles) a complete look.

Dulhan Indian bride Desi wedding Punjabi

Solah Shringar: Hindu Mithology & 16 Adornments of an Indian Bride Sacred Mark on Forehead (Bindi or Teeka or Tilak)

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Image result for punjabi wedding couple