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the modern wedding vows are written in white and green flowers on a white paper background
Everything That Sparkles
Everything That Sparkles
a man in a suit and tie holding his hands to his face with the words, my love for you is endless
love, money, and sex. Love Quotes, Soulmate, Relationship Goals Quotes, Marriage, Wedding, Mariage, Love And Marriage, Me Quotes
I chosen you...
Tap On "Visit" to Discover the 'Secret Obsession' that every man craves more than love, money, and sex. Love Quotes, Soulmate, Relationship Goals...
a man kissing a woman's face with the caption she was my first kiss, she's the kiss that shattered
She Wasn't My First Kiss
an old woman is holding up a piece of paper with the words, this is life
I came across this shit today, and it’s true af - Awesome
two people walking down a path in the woods, one is holding hands with the other
Words of wisdom - Relationship
two people standing on a bridge at night with the caption that reads, there is no perfect
Anamorphosis and Isolate: Photo
a woman standing under a tree with a cup in her hand and a quote from the author
"The feeling of what if and may be, keeps us going, And this never ending struggle keeps us sane,…
a man wearing a hat and looking at the camera with his hand on his shoulder
two men sitting at a table in front of a computer screen with the caption, but what always hurts the most
Movie Quote of the Day!
a woman walking on the beach at night with her arms around her body and text that reads, i am perfect in my imperfect
Being Perfect In My Imperfections
two different pictures of a woman with blue eyes and blonde hair, one smiling at the camera