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How to Dry Citrus Fruit

Create your own natural decorations with your preschooler for the home with this simple to do and follow how to on creating dried citrus slices, no special equipment needed. Then use them for decorations, potpourri or creating wreaths in the home.

Our unique lighted wine bottles make a beautiful accent to any room, business, or office. Lighted wine bottles can be made for any holiday, special occasion or theme.

Diy: Easy Way(S) To Cut Glass Bottles

Pinner said: These are glass jars I (Annie Johnson) painted. I first sealed the jars with a smooth coat of sealer (Modge Podge or PVA thinned with water is fine), let it dry 24hrs, then basecoat with at least 3 coats of acrylic paint, then decorate with a design. I apply sealer to protect the designs,

Tutorial to transfer a photocopied/laser-printed image onto a painted canvas. Inexpensive way to make some interesting wall art!