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Om Gananaam tva Ganapati Gum Havamahe Kavimkaveenaa mupamashravastamam Jyestharajam Brahmanaam Brahmanaspata Aana shrunvanootibhi seedhasadhanam Maha Ganapataye Namah

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"Sri Krishna's eyes are long like petals of a blooming lotus, and His very charming lotus-like face is made all the more charming by His extremely beautiful and sweet, nectarous smiles. His profuse curling locks look delightful with their decoration of a proud peacock's tail-feather. Let Him, the embodiment of all effulgence, forever shine within my heart.

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"The force of Krishna's youth was combined with His beautiful smile, which defeated even the beauty of the full moon. He was always nicely dressed, in beauty surpassing even Cupid, and He was always attracting the minds of the gopis, who were thereby always feeling pleasure."~Nectar of Devotion