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A big question in social media is “how do I get people to engage with what I’m posting?” The answer? Provide value, and make it fun for patients, fans and team members to participate.

Feel like your social media content is in a rut? Try these ten fun dental contest ideas to shake things up and invite fan interaction!

Here's an image to share on your Facebook page today for Presidents Day.

George Washington's teeth were not made out of wood like many people think. Different sets were made from gold, ivory, lead, human and animal teeth!

LOVE CHEWING ICE? Now’s the time to break the habit before you break your teeth!

Dentaltown - Do you love to chew ice? This habit can cause damage to your tooth enamel and may crack or chip your teeth. Now’s the time to break the habit before you break your teeth!

Hump day humour unfortunately we don't offer flavoured fillings at Ashmore Dental but who knows what the future of dentistry holds!

Types of orthodontic retainers. Visit

Types of retainers that hold your teeth straight after braces: clear retainer, Hawley retainer, fixed bonded retainer. Cornejo likes clear retainers the best, but we offer them all! Call us today if you need a new retainer