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Data Centre Infrastructure Management Software

Sensorium, designed at Advanced Data Centre Systems, is the UK’s best Data Centre Infrastructure management software that enables data centers to run their tasks and operations more efficiently and conveniently.
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The company will not hire any extra people; the reason simple software takes care of the present order. at the same time the onetime pay is enough for the service because the software is owned by the company now. The training should have to be provided for the staffs to handle the software. At the same time, the service seller is ready to provide training at the free of cost to the staff’s means, there is no expenditure involved in this matter.


Advanced Data Centre Systems offers Sensorium, the most powerful, flexible and cost-effective Data Centre Infrastructure Management Suite designed to maximize the productivity and provide the valuable insights to the data centre.


Sensorium, our Data Centre Infrastructure Management Software, has been designed to provide data centre stakeholders with a truly vendor neutral management platform.

Harnessing the power of the web, its fully customisable Graphic user interface can be configured to provide bespoke graphical displays