Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas Stone Crushing Forcep is use to remove bladder stone. It is compatible with 23.5 Fr or 25 Fr Cystoscopy Sheath. 4mm 30 Degree telescope will be attached with Stone Crushing Forcep. Stone Crushing Forceps also called as Gallbladder Stone Crushing Equipment , Urology Stone Crushing Forceps.


Pinned from Urology Stone Retrieval Baskets includes Nitinol Stone Retrieval Basket, Stainless steel Stone Retrieval Basket, Helical Stone Retrieval Basket, Segura Stone Retrieval Basket, Tipless Stone Retrieval Basket, With tip Stone Retrieval Basket.


Pinned from Flexible biopsy forceps with movable cup-shaped jaws, used to obtain biopsy specimens by introduction through a specially designed endoscope. Flexible Biopsy Forceps are made of high quality stainless steel to provide physicians with a product of high longevity and a smooth cup operation in any situation. Flexible Biopsy Forceps is also called as Flexible Cystoscopy Biopsy Forceps, Reusable Flexible Biopsy forceps and Flexible Cup Biopsy Forcep.

Pinned from Double J Stent/ DJ stents / JJ stents/ Urethral stents / Ureteric Stents / Double Pigtail Urethral Stents, Double J Stent SET with pusher and suture, Double J Stent SET with pusher and suture and Guide Wire/ Double J Stent SET.

Pinned from Hegar Dilator SET contain 10 Dilators. Female Urethral Meatal Dilator SET / Hegar Dilator is also called as Hegar Uterine Dilator Set and Hegar Double-End Cervical Dilator.

Pinned from Male urethral dilator set contains 12 Dilators.

Pinned from Hey groove dilator set contains 4 no. dilators.

Pinned from Turner warwick ring retractor is also called as Turner Warwick Retractor, Ring Retractor, Urological Retractor. Turner warwick ring retractor comes along with 6 blades and J Needle SET.

Pinned from Monopolar flexible bugbee electrodes are used in cystoscopes, resectoscopes or ureteroscopes for coagulation/ ablation of tissue.

Pinned from An Otis urethrotomy is the blind transurethral incision of the urethra by an Otis urethrotome. After insertion of the Otis urethrotome, the urethra is dilated to the desired width and a blade cuts the stretched urethra at the 12 o'clock position. OTIS Urethrotome is also called as Blind Internal Urethrotomy.

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