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Baileys, White Chocolate & Pistachio Fudge


The Two Bite Club: Baileys, White Chocolate & Pistachio Fudge


Vanilla Fudge

Nigella's VANILLA FUDGE: very large portion. Traditional European fudge with a high sugar content.

VANILLA FUDGE | Recipes | Nigella Lawson


Chocolate Pistachio Fudge

CHOCOLATE PISTACHIO FUDGE I am willing to believe that a confectioner wouldn't call this proper fudge, but it tastes divine, and you won't need a sugar thermometer or have to test for frightening soft or hard ball stages. I like this best when it's made slightly less express, but with no greater effort, by stashing it in the deep freeze. It goes really grainy and fudgy this way.

CHOCOLATE PISTACHIO FUDGE | Recipes | Nigella Lawson


Christmas Rocky Road

Christmas Rocky Road: It’s not that I felt my usual Rocky Road Crunch Bars needed any improvement (though fiddling with recipes is one of life’s pleasures) but I thought they would benefit from some seasonal adjustment. So, out go the Rich Tea biscuits and in come amaretti and – in the seasonal spirit – I’ve crammed in some Brazil nuts and glacé cherries (as red as Rudolph’s nose), along with snowy mini marshmallows.

CHRISTMAS ROCKY ROAD | Recipes | Nigella Lawson

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Easy Homemade Toffee

Easy Homemade Toffee - An unbelievably easy, no-fuss, homemade toffee recipe. So addictive, you won't want to share!

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White Chocolate Cranberry & Strawberry Rocky Road Bars

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Malteser tiffin

Malteser tiffin