Ludmilla Tcherina in The Tales of Hoffmann 1951 In giant clamshell bed.

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The Tales of Hoffmann (Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger, 1951) Japanese design by Hisamitsu Noguchi

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1955. Ludmilla Tchérina in the costume she wears for the masked ball at the climax of Oh…Rosalinda! A caption on the back of the photo explains: Ludmilla Tcherina as Rosalinda in the new Michael Powell – Emeric Pressburger Technicolor CinemaScope production “OH-ROSALINDA!!” Starring Michael Redgrave and Mel Ferrer, Dennis Price, Anthony Quayle, Anneliese Rothenberger, Oska …

1966. Ludmilla Tchérina teases and entrances as she hides behind an elaborately whimsical mask.

1971. Ludmilla Tchérina extravagantly and exotically bedecked as Antinea for the television drama L’Atlantide.

1962. Ludmilla Tchérina stands on the balcony of the Galerie de Paris, where an exhibition of her gouaches, pastels and drawings is being held.

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