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two llamas with birthday cards in front of them on a wooden table next to streamers
Fun365 | Craft, Party, Wedding, Classroom Ideas & Inspiration
a child's play area with toys and books on the floor in front of it
Brown / Green 64 x 0.5 in Area Rug - Joy Carpets Campfire Fun Abstract Tufted Area Rug Nylon | 64 W x 0.5 D in | Wayfair
Inspired by the warmth and camaraderie of campfire gatherings, this rug adds a touch of nature's beauty to your everyday life. Bring the outdoors in and gather ‘round the campfire for an afternoon of sharing, storytelling and group activities. Create a dramatic play center and “cook up” pretend smores for an easy camping theme that is certain to delight children and adults alike. Rug Size: Rectangle 5'4" x 7'8" | Brown / Green 64 x 0.5 in Area Rug - Joy Carpets Campfire Fun Abstract Tufted Area
the reading garden has been decorated with books and plants for children's birthdays
How to Organize Your Classroom Library - Miss Jacobs Little Learners
a classroom with green rugs and chairs
Classroom Decoration Ideas - Pencils to Pigtails
the instagram page for instagram is displayed with an image of plants and bunting
some cut out sheeps sitting on top of a wooden table
While this may not go along with either of the themes we're brainstorming currently, how cute would these be?! You can use the wallpaper books from the Interior Design materials library to save on the cost of buying paper too!
a bulletin board that says never stop growing with mushrooms, butterflies and flowers on it
Spring Mushroom Bulletin Board