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Nana H: PLAN & PROCESS: As a comment said on FB where I got this photo "the dumbing down of America".

I had never heard of Cultural Hegemony, but apparently the liberal left has. It is unbelievable how accurately this describes what is happening in America. Wake up people, you're not being're being brainwashed!

Anarchy is order.

Earth Warriors, The Frontline, And Trusting Our Instincts May 2017 by Spiritual Warrior in Ascension and tagged Awakening Healing

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Read, research, consider, use your common sense, make your own decisions.

Mark Twain, the Great American Humorist, was well known for his sharp wit and brilliant satire. If you already enjoyed my selection of Mark Twain Quotes, here are some more for you! “Against the assault of laughter nothing can stand.

In The U.S. They Call It News

Propaganda In The U. They Call It News GB- Actually, in the USSR, WE called it propagandia. They called it truth.