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a painting of a woman with her arm around another woman's head, in front of a yellow and blue background
Brian Kershisnik -
a circular piece of art made out of different colored tiles
an art work made out of glass and wood
a small stool with a dragon on it sitting in the grass next to some leaves
Des réalisations à base de mosaïques pour votre inspiration ! 39 Photos...
a blue and white plate sitting on top of a counter next to a tile floor
Mozaïek Schaal (mozaïek) gemaakt door Monica
an art piece made out of stained glass and mosaic tiles with flowers in the center
a table topped with lots of green and gold mosaic tiles on top of a white surface
In Progress - Sonia King Mosaic Artist
a circular blue and white mosaic design on the wall
a mosaic plate with blue and gold designs on the bottom, sitting on a black surface
Marine Roundel by Jane Muir 2000. 53cm diameter. In 'Mosaic - Techniques and Traditions' by Sonia King.
a wooden plate with blue and green mosaic tiles on it's surface, in the shape of a circle