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Scented Candles Hand-poured in India
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Ziva Gift Set Gift Wrapped
Scented soy wax candles
AGEE Candles | | Laddu Candles | Diwali Gifts
Motichoor Laddu Candles ✨ ✨ 100% Soy Wax ✨ Scented ✨ adorable Festive Gifting
Hidden message candles (scented)
Message is revealed on lighting the candle ✨ Custom Message available ✨ 15 fragrance options
Love how perfectly they fit in box
3 tier cake candles for birthday, anniversary, wedding gifts, return favours ✨
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Message is revealed on lighting the candle ✨
Scented Candles Gift Set ✨ 15 fragrance options ✨ Hidden message option available ✨
Hidden Message Candles with custom hidden message available at
Clean Burning Scented Candles by AGEE Candles
These candles burn for 38 and 45 hours respectively and you can see the results. Candles are still clear and have NOT turned black, which depicts the production of very minimal soot. All our ingredients are natural- soy wax, natural fragrances, lead free cotton wicks. High quality ingredients equals high quality product 🤍
Don’t throw leftover wax from scented candles
Don’t let the leftover wax from your scented candles go waste Use it with a wax warmer to fully use it 😎 Usually, 1-2 mm of wax is left unconsumed by the wick in case of jar candles. If the candle has been used properly following the care instructions and the candle has not been overheated during its usage, the leftover wax is still scented. Do we just throw it away? Absolutely not! Remove the wax from your jar and use it in a wax warmer/melter as shown in the video. Wax warmers are available
Bubble Candle
Bubble Candle made with 100% soy wax and natural fragrances, lead free cotton wicks
Sandalwood scented soy candle
Long lasting clean burning vegan candles with amazing fragrances
Heart Scented Candle with “I LOVE YOU ❤️” hidden message
Candle reveals “I LOVE YOU ❤️” hidden message when lit