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two hands that are made out of metal
The Fascinator (@TheFascinator) / X
Josh Dickens (@thefascinator) | Twitter
an image of a glove that is made out of black leather and has four fingers on it
Knox - Motorcycle Apparel
a robotic hand is shown on a gray background
Adam Jensen , Laura Gallagher
ArtStation - Adam Jensen , Laura Gallagher
an image of a robot that is flying in the air with his hands extended out
Prosthesis by TD-Vice on DeviantArt
Prosthesis by TD-Vice
a hand that has been made to look like it is holding something
hand example
a robotic hand that is holding something in it's right hand and the other arm
Robocop — Fausto De Martini
a robotic hand is shown in this image
Robocop — Fausto De Martini
two pictures of hands holding an object on top of a wooden table next to another hand
3D Printed Bionic Hand Skeleton
3D Printed Bionic Hand Skeleton: So here goes: This is my first personal project, my first 3D printed project, my first Fusion 360 project and my first Instructable ever. (Crowds applauding and cheering and some high school girls whistling in the back). I guess you could say I wa...
an open innovation page on the website for robotic hands
Open-source robotic and bionic devices.
OPENBIONICS: Robotic and Bionic Hands