Love it!!

Cute kid project-Old Book Pages and Bright Color - I love how this looks. Great project to do with kids - decoupage old book pages onto a piece of wood - let dry - use it as canvas for artwork - cheap, easy, rewarding!

Blue by Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo I like this idea of layering faces - color under line... pattern?  Self with other?

something to do with a blind contour drawing? Blue by Alvaro Tapia Hidalgo I like this idea of layering faces - color under line. Self with other?

Lisa JonesMoore

by "Modern Portrait of an Ancient Face" Encaustic, mixed media, based on an ancient egyptian encaustic/ portrait.

"print by Yelena Bryksenkova"

Píccolo (limited edition print)

Angie Lewin - Wild Garden II

Winter Birches screenprint by Angie Lewin (UK) Image size: x Edition size: 85

Angie Lewin

"Island with Teasels" - linocut print by Angie Lewin - UK printmaker Image size: x Edition size: 40

Angie Lewin

Printmaker Angie Lewin is a fabulous artist working in a range of printmaking techniques including lithography, silkscreen and etching.


image of overhead stained glass windows taken at Baltimore Penn Station.

More ideas
Blue Meadow - linocut by Angie Lewin - printmaker

Angie Lewin - Blue Meadow linocut- Ths one uses thin but dark lines and passtell colours. It looks through contour lines and the colour is evenly spread.

Angie Levin — Dandelions  (499x1024)

Angie Lewin - Dandelions This gorgeous colour scheme would contrast so brilliantly with our Daffodils and Dandelions tin.

Angie Lewin, thistles

“This is a very personal book, one that will inspire art lovers, gardeners and anyone with a love of the natural world”, say House and Garden of Plants and Places, …

Evening Garden linocut by Angie Lewin, printmaker. I have this print in my lounge.

Limited edition screen print by Angie Lewin. Image size: x Edition size: 85 "Growing cultivated and wild plants together often creates a beautifully random effect. This screen print

Winter Spey - Wood Engraving by Angie Lewin

Angie Lewin - Winter Spey see her artist video featuring this print here on…


Angie lewin -colour schemes -the thread linking these pieces isn't to do with colour but to do with the way she illustrates