Farhan Ahmad

Farhan Ahmad

people like me and you possess capability of certain creations which we weather express or not but surely want to be appreciated for. The moment we understand
Farhan Ahmad
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Hindi Typing alt Character Code

Hindi Code, Special Character Code for Hindi, Hindi typing code, The Code is combination of Alt key and some numeric value

DJI Mavic drone

he DJI is an organization that makes flying cameras. The DJI Mavic drone is one of the smallest drone made by DJI so that you can dream big.

Hammerhead screwdriver

The hammerhead screwdriver got some really cool features on it that makes it stand for more than just the screwdriver. The tool is really handy.

Bear grylls tinderbox

Gerber Bear Grylls Tinderbox Fire Starter has a greater like steel cutting surface for making tinder and a tray underneath to collect the shavings.

Satechi usb c hub

Satechi’s new compact USB-C hub adds 3 USB ports + SD card slots to single-port MacBooks

Vinci headphone - A smart headphone that understancs you and becomes a perfect companion

Vinci headphone location-based services mean that you are receiving relevant local recommendations without lifting a fingertip.

Moodo - Create the fragrance as per your mood or Create your mood with the custom fragrance !

Moodo Smart Air Freshener Controlled By Your Smartphone Make Rooms Smell Awesome Scents have an amazing natural effect on humans, and with the right smells you can feel like you are somewhere else. The smell of pine can make you fe.

Ztylus stinger - a mobile charger that saves your life

The Ztylus Stinger Automotive Charger Adapter Breaks Home windows and Cuts Seat Belts .

Vufine - Hands free was never simple before this

Vufine is a high definition wearable as seamlessly integrates with your existing technology. Simply plug to HDMI into your device and power up the display.