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Chemical bonding; Covalent =sharing to fill octet, easily broken up like dating, Ionic =bonded by charge/marriage


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The first of hopefully more posts targeting some of my most popular questions. This one is to answer all the asks I receive about my own personal (and general) study tips. Hope you all like!


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Biology: B1 Revision (AQA)

Quirky revision tips. You can never have too many revision tips. Give me ALL the revision tips.

Quirky Revision Tips That Work!


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↠Pinterest •@lillyellax • ↞ Mind mapping for revision. I need all the help I can get since I've missed loads of work due to having my little girl

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One thing all maths teachers should do this week is to print this out for their students' GCSE Maths revision files!!

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Revise or Die — How to Illustrate your Notes… If this even helps...

Where's your favourite place to revise? In the library, in your bedroom, under a tree? It's revision time, and we're thinking of you; revising can be tough! Take a look at our infographic 'Ten Top Tips for Revision Success!' and see if we can help.

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