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I had to have surgery. I went from a 57º curve to a 14º curve. But now it's all rods and pins holding my spine in place

I don't know what degree my curve was when my scoliosis was discovered, but I already had severe pain, and difficulty walking!

"Scars are souvenirs you never lose"

back to school sale Scars are Souvenirs You Never Lose - Name Lyrics - Art Print - - Goo Goo Dolls-- I want to add this quote to a jack and Sally or joker and Harley drawing!

Diary Of A Sick Girl.....Maybe not easy but its all I know---sadly! #fibromyalgia

This is the truth. There isn't another option. Those of us who have lupus or other chronic pain know exactly what it's like on a daily basis.

Scoliosis Surgery Scars Zipper Tattoo | scoliosis awareness # spine # spine issues

10 Things you shouldn't say to someone with scoliosis. So true! Back in Line Chiropractic 110 Evans Mill Dr, Ste 105 Dallas, Georgia 30157 I had an idiot dr tell me one time to sit up straight where did he graduate from?