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Worli the most preferred destination for luxury living. Rohit Sharma a proud house owner at the tallest residential space Ahuja Towers

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39th in the league of Top 100 High Rises built in 2015 inspired by sail boats. #AhujaTowers stands in the heart of Worli. Know More:

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A residential landmark that stands tall at the heart of #Mumbai. #AhujaTowers at #Worli:

A residence that reflects royalty in its very essence. #AhujaTowers at Worli:

A residence thoughtfully crafted for the Kings & Queens of the modern world. #AhujaTowers offers an envious life

Experience the World of Luxury right from the first step you make. Majestic Grand Lobby at Ahuja Towers

A #parking space as plush as the entertainment hall at London Olympics. Experience luxury at #AhujaTowers. Know More:

Let your life's statement be defined right from your first step. The Grand Lobby at Ahuja Towers, Worli. Explore:

Stay connected to your professional and personal lives. Exclusive Business Area right next to your door at Ahuja Towers, Worli Know More;