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Baphomet..................... Angel. Demon. Heaven. Hell. God. Satan. Hades. Rapture. Apocalypse. Grim Reaper. Death. Judgment Day. Torture. Misery. Pain. Afterlife. Peace. Seraph. Archangel. Cherub. Religion. Faith. Underworld.  Paradise. Day of the Dead. Possession. Poltergeist. Ghost. Haunting. Phantom. Specter. Phantasm.

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Black and White dark goat violin baphomet pagan dark art

Items similar to Phantasmata I by Florian-Ayala Fauna (Somerset Velvet Giclee Print) on Etsy

: "Reflective Silhouette" is what the owner of the painter refers to this, I believe that this is really unique and was created with pure dedication!!!

Drawing: "Reflective Silhouette" Our first project will be an introductory lesson on contour drawing. Leads to awesome website with instructions! With this lesson I would have them type a reflection about themselves, then create a portrait on top

this is a really intriguing comic collage of my favourite superhero- BATMAN - at

Believe it or not, Mike Alcantara creates his incredible Comic Collage Art series using little more than old comic books and glue. His upcycled art is assembled from comic book clippings and carefully arranged to feature Marvel and DC Comics characters.