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Where has this been all my life?? A findinghealthyhappiness this is how you get tea to not be bitter. I didn't like green tea until I learned not to brew it with boiling water. my brother is obsessed with tea and gets really mad and lectures you if you dont brew it right yikes squirrellygirlart - iFunny
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12 Foolproof Ways To Distract Yourself From Thinking About It
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@ The Aureus Press and 2 others liked Robert Kearney @Robkearney1981 Millions have come to enjoy and love J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy but few know that the author privately told many that these works were based on a true history of Europe, one which had been hidden from ordinary people for thousands of years. PM 15 Aug 20 Twitter for Android and 1,645 Robert Kearney @Robkearney.. - Replying to @Robkearney1981 Although publicly being forced to claim these stories came from his experiences in the Great War, in private Tolkien was said to become enraged when his works were dismissed as "fantasy'. 'NO! It isn't analogy and metaphor! This is what I learned from my reading.' -This is all based on Truth...and he would get ANGRY when people said this was only analogy and metaphor. He would say, 'NO! It isn't analogy and metaphor! This is what I learned from my reading...' Ow < Robert Kearney @Robkearney... As a young student at Oxford, Tolkien claimed that he discovered a number of old books in the basement of the school's library. They contained an account of life in Europe 6, 500 years ago and an epic struggle for ancient civilization that occurred then. Robert Kearney @Robkearney.. - The books were written in ancient Scandinavian, a language that Tolkien had coincidently studied so he was able to read them. Tolkien reportedly told his friends like C'S. Lewis... there's a whole history we don't even know about" Tolkien's Middle-Earth tre History? Om Robert Kearney @Robkearney... Now, Europe 6,500 years ago was far different than we know it today. The British Isles were connected to the continent in what archeologists now refer to as "Doggerland'. If one looks at maps of old Europe, they can easily see how it connects to the LOTR topography. 18 19 Robert Kearney @Robkearney... In several private letters to correspondents, Tolkien wrote that "Lord of the Rings' was about Europe 6500 years ago; that the Irish were the Hobbits and the elves were the Nords." Tolkien's Middle-Farth, true istory? Ow Robert Kearney @Robkearney...- The similarities between Tolkien's fictional Middle Earth races and ancient ones such as Celts are too obvious to ignore. Hobbit Shires bear a strong resemblance to early Celtic settlements. 2 19 158 Robert Kearney @Robkearney... Elves were the Nordic, Viking races. Wizards like Gandolf we're Druid priests. Os Robert Kearney @Robkearney... But beyond Tolkiens own private recollections, modem science itself has shown that the ancient world was full of various hominid species associating and interbreeding with each other (modern man included). Articles below Ancient humans rampant itterbed wth Neandertals specien Lord OF The Ringratle wor of - iFunny
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There are castles that are less expensive than NYC apartments. Source If you want more facts, follow Ultrafacts Em buying a castle. - iFunny
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