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Islam motivation

Padahal ibu lebih butuh dukungan tapi ibu justru yang nenangin saya ❤ mom did you know how strong and brave you are. Abah will proud of you, Im swear. Okkay no crying anymore let be independent and strong ME

Terserah nak reject sesiapa pun asal jangan reject panggilan Tuhan. #selfreminder

I never reject Azan el Fajr. It's the most beautiful feeling when you wake up and pray to Allah and make Dua and most people are sleeping

Islaam karma-kifarah

In Islam, we have kifarah


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He's with you.

I made dua to Allah in a night prayer during a very difficult time, and even though I haven't been a good Muslim, Allah answered my prayers and took care, IS taking care, of me and my mom wonderfully!