That feels once he enters Shiva's place of worship is beyond words...

The destroyer of Evil and the lord of the world lord shiva.

Shiva Lingam Explained !

Shiva Lingam Explained - for the ancients, the lingam - phalus and the yoni - the vulva, as matrix, represented the duality of the Creative Active Principle in the universe

We live together and share the same space I spread more inward in needs Then she grow showering love And the beauty is my need is met with her love © sivavasanta Shiv and shakti

Shiv and shakti - Written in the ancient Hindu scriptures is a story of lord Shiva in a beautiful revelation revealing Twin flame , God intervention , soul connection , and Transformation - Merle B

Only Lord Shiva, who drank the most deadly poison of this world, is powerful enough to handle the effects of narcotics. His devotees and others are foolish to think that they too can indulge without getting scathed or affected. Are they as mighty as Lord Shiva? Their brain cells and intelligence gradually gets depleted due to highly negative effects of these narcotics and drugs. Not everything is fit for consumption of ordinary mortals.

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