NETwork thread and nails portraits - Photo 6 | Image courtesy of Pamela Campagna

A network of interconnected people, places and things. A Lozano NETwork thread and nails portraits - Photo 6

This pin shows how our society has evolved into an information based society and we rely on the internet in our daily lives. It also shows how we have becomes slaves to these corporation that control these sites.

The Incredible Growth of Web Usage [infographic]

State of internet

The State of the Internet 2012 [Infographic]

Cisco Visualization | Economics in the Cloud Infographic

Calculating Economics in the Cloud. Through the cloud, businesses can expect to see application cost savings of

Dell's updated XPS One 27 for Windows 8

Far and away, the best Windows 8 all-in-one

Dell at IFA: Windows tablet to touch-screen PC (pictures) - Page 10

Dell XFR side

Dell's New Rugged Laptop with an Intel processor.

Social Media JFPR 10 28

How Social Media Fixed Public Relations