The Bombay Greenway Project

The plan presents a long-range vision & envisions a 21st century Greenway where the existing railway lines are to have a continuous public space; a “green…
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The Bombay Greenway Project: Urban Renewal Proposal for Mumbai by Abraham John Architects
Today, the city of Mumbai, the hub of India’s financial activity and home to a population of 12.7 million, is precariously poised on the precipice of lopsided development, dangerously slipping into the ravine of degeneration due to insufficient civic infrastructure showing up as filth, squalor, homelessness, bad health and other ills. Alan Abraham and Abraham John of Abraham John Architects have come up with a proposal of adding much needed public space and green lungs to the city by...
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Join the Bombay Greenway, turn the dream into reality!
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a map showing the location of several different areas in the area that are connected to each other
Green Corridor bridging the East-West divide of the city
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Connecting Haji Ali to Mahalaxmi Race Course, Mahalaxmi Railway Station & Jacob Circle via a green walkway
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Green transport and leisure solution: accessible and usable public spaces
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HOW can we create 917 acres of green space in a city deprived of recreational space? (less than 1 sq m/person of open public space in a city of 20 million people???)
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Multiplicity of uses: railways double up as a vibrant park for commuters and visitors, cultural and retail re-invigoration, E-W connectivity,environmental restoration, green transport, and more.
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Uninterrupted cycling & pedestrian corridor above Railway tracks. currently approximately 10 people die daily (3700 per year) while crossing railway tracks!!! This is in addition to thousands being injured yearly. These dedicated corridors would also allow for faster & better train services.
an aerial view of a highway with red arrows pointing to different areas in the area
The Bombay Greenway Proposal does not do away with the existing system, instead it chooses to improve the inter-connectivity, beautify all existing railway stations & create the potential for newer stations.
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The Bombay Greenway Proposal does not only seek to address the North-South nature of the Railways but also to allow for a greater East-West inter-connectivity.
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Proposed corridor for pedestrians & cyclists, pedestrians crossing - The Bombay Greenway does not only seek to address the North-South nature of the Railways but also to allow for a greater East-West interconnectivity. Connections have been proposed in several areas allowing for a system of interchangeable modes of transport with government & public participation
the diagram shows how many different lines are connected to each other, and what they can be
Active modes of transport reduce travel time. Seen here the travel time between major railway stations in Bombay.
an info sheet with images of people walking in the park and on the street,
Providing alternate zero-carbon, stress-free transport options!