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Michael Faraday could not afford formal education but it is because he got that chance to read books as an assistant to a book binder that he could contribute one of the greatest findings in science - electromagnetism. This is what led to the Industrial revolution. Please help us inspire more Faradays.

What if Albert Einstein kept believing that he is a loser like everyone said he was, the world would not be the same - it would be worse. Help us raise money to inspire.

Chris is an Inspiration ever body deserves to know about and there are thousands of Inspirational figures like Chris that we need your help to spread in a society where it's truly needed

Faraday never had a formal education which is why, he couldn't put on paper what his mind was capable of - I wonder if Faraday had an education, what more wonders he could have contributed to the world. Please help us raise a fund so that every child get's an equal oppertunity