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an email page for the royal jewels gift card contest, which is going on sale in stores
Sent: 12/16/13 SL:'Our gift to you? How 'bout free express shipping or $25...' Spend X for different levels of shipping email from ModCloth, great way to have customers spend more to get their packages on time for Christmas
Tera Sullivan
Tera Sullivan
an advertisement for a women's clothing store with the words, we hope that you can
Email Inspiration: Boden Welcome Series
Welcome email from Boden. Love the laydown and categories.
an image of a website with flowers on the front and back page, which reads one love
Rewards Program
One Love Organic's love club loyalty program is perfectly themed to match the beauty of their products. Loyalty program powered by Sweet Tooth.
the landing page for a website with pink flowers on it and black text that reads,
Poppies Rewards Club
Soft colours and bold blocking helps Wild Poppies' program stand out. Loyalty program powered by Sweet Tooth.
an advertisement for a woman's beauty product with multiple images and text on it
Free People launches a mobile iPhone app and promotes it via email with direct links to download from their app store. Consider targeting users of a specific device with CheetahMail's new Access-And-Location reporting features, or Movable Ink's Device Targeter Apps!
Nicole Hartman
Nicole Hartman
an image of a web page with different colors
Very organized and yet, attractive to the readers eye. A great way to read a long EDM without experiencing fatigue!
an ad for sephora cosmetics with pink and red colors on it, including lipstick
Sephora - email design
Emily Shone
Emily Shone
a flyer for an event with the words, almost there while you're finishing your profile
Brass Hands
almost there email
an advertisement for starbucks's new year's beverage, which is being advertised on the
Newsletter Ideas
My Starbucks Rewards - Starbucks Coffee. Loyality program email design #email #design #newsletter #emailmarketing
the website for boston's bright food and drink
Starbucks Star Dash: Boost Your Bright
Wanzhen Cen
Wanzhen Cen
the website for kohl's is shown with colorful text and images on it
Kohls loyalty email 2015
the camping flyer is shown with an image of a tent
REI: 20% Off One Item for Members-It's Time to Upgrade Your Tent | Milled
20% Off One Item for Members-It's Time to Upgrade Your Tent - REI
the website for an interior design firm, with pink and white lines on it's side
Loeffler Randall: Designer Women's Shoes - Clothing & Accessories
This email from Loeffler Randall promotes their loyalty program and gives customers the opportunity earn even more rewards. Talk about benefits!
the samsung reward is displayed on an iphone
Samsung Rewards | Samsung US
Samsung Rewards on phone
an image of the number of points in different colors and sizes on a white background
Samsung Rewards | Samsung US
Earn more points for rewards