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six different images with the words stay rad on them
Uzicopter: The Signalnoise Tumblr: Photo
the poster for spon is shown in bright colors
Spoon Poster
Spoon Poster on Behance
the late night arcade poster is shown in blue and yellow colors with stars on it
an image of a pink ball in the middle of a black and blue background with stars
eight black and white photographs of people's heads with different haircuts on them
an advertisement with neon lights on it that says only god brings the devil's head
Dotdash Meredith - America's Largest Digital & Print Publisher
only god forgives.
a poster with the words ghost girl written in english and chinese on it, against a background of cityscape
Ghost in the Shell (2017) Poster
the title for the game phaeton, which features lightning and stars in the background
uzicopter: “ I teamed-up with buddy Ernie Cline (READY PLAYER ONE) to develop a logo for the lost arcade game Phaëton from his new novel ARMADA. ”
✰ pinterest ✰ ritadmteixeira
the neon sign is displayed in front of a black background with pink and blue lettering
Chrome and Retro Logo Collection 2017
the movie poster for the animated film's title is shown in red and blue
Kung Fury
Mercenary: Kung Fury #KungFury #MichaelCrouzat #Mercenary #MercenaryGarage
two different types of logos on black and white paper, one with the word gibbz
Sean Kane Design
Logo for a DJ/producer with a Miami inspired pink/blue, 1980s neon treatment. The holy grail of 80s typography - brush script AND chrome combined in the one legible (just) logo.
the logo for victory is shown in purple and pink neon lights on a black background