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Tunami Yukiyuki
Credit: Marc Wilson  Lossiemouth II, Moray, Scotland

Fog of war: The Last Stand by Marc Wilson - in pictures

Second-world-war coastal defences that once gave reassurance to nations have become crumbling archaeological relics. Photographer Marc Wilson has travelled northern Europe photographing these concrete monuments

Kris Kool

‘Kris Kool’: Mind-blowing French psychedelic pop art comic, 1970

My French isn’t quite good enough to figure out what’s going on in Kris Kool, an ultra-psychedelic journey to Venus, Mars, and Saturn, which turn out to feature puzzling geometrical landscapes with a pansexual phantasmagoria of nubile kaleidoscopic enchantresses in the full complement of Peter Max-ian primary colors. You’d never guess it was from 1970, now would you? Philippe Caza is a respected French illustrator, and this was his very first graphic novel. You can download the whole thing…

Lilicoptere by Joana Joana Vasconcelos

Lilicoptère, A Gilded Helicopter Fit for Marie Antoinette

"Lilicoptère" is artist Joana Vasconcelos' vision of what Marie Antoinette would ride in, were the French queen alive today. The Bell 47 helicopter is

San Francisco Fog.

Picture of the Day: San Francisco Fog

SAN FRANCISCO FOG Photograph by David Yu In this dreamy capture by photographer David Yu, we see a ‘fog/haze/mist?’ rolling over San Francisco. A beautiful capture …

Umbrella installation by * Patrícia *, via Flickr

The Umbrella-Lined Streets of Agueda, Portugal

In select areas of the city of Águeda, Portugal, you will find streets lined with colourful umbrellas. The installation, known as the Umbrella Sky Project, is part of the local Agitagueda Ar…


The Andy Warhol of Japan you've probably Never Heard of

Tadanori Yokoo. "Who?", hoots back my (usually) reliable, ask-me-anything-about-art source. It's not a name that rolls off the tongue for many as easily as Andy Warhol, but much like the late American pop artist, Tadanori Yokoo holds nothing short of a rock-star's status in his homeland of Japan. H

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Feet on Fire