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Thalabrala Sari - South Indian weddings, particularly in Andhra have a first half, in which the bride wears a red or green sari, and a second half in which she changes into a white sari (known as a thalabrala cheera). So beautiful.

Bridal Hairstyles for Indians

40 Indian Bridal Hairstyles Perfect For Your Wedding

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100 Most Beautiful Indian Bridal Makeup Looks - Dulhan Images

Indian wedding is an occasion where every one wants to look their best. But then, it’s the Indian Brides day. Here are 25 beautiful Indian bridal makeup looks that will blow your mind.

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This Indian wedding hairstyles list is designed specifically keeping the requirements of Indian brides in mind. Here we have highlighted all the different types of hairstyles start from the long hairs do’s till the.

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Indian wedding hairstyles: braids, braids and more braids


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Gorgeous half up, half down hairstyle. my hair needs to grow so it can look like this for my future wedding.-if only my hair would curl like this.