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In July 2020, I began blogging properly. So far, you will observe that SummaryMaster51v Dark Edition ( my main #blog ) has 34 posts of varying length. Hence…
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Breathing meditation tips by Akp51v that improve focus and stress management Mindfulness, Feelings, Meditation, Basic, Tips, Breathe, In This Moment, Remember, Focus
Focus on Breathing - Simple Meditation Tips - Akp51v
Remember to breathe. Breathing is a habit that we can train ourselves to do more efficiently. It is a natural process that we can use to help us relax and stay focused on the present. When you notice that your mind pointlessly wanders, bring your attention back to your breath and focus on the feeling of inhalation and exhalation. #focus #meditation #selfcare #mindfulness #peace #calmness #concentration #blog #tips #basics
An infographic summarizes the key highlights in Substack's upcoming features like Notes and Restacks that will create Twitter-like experiences, according to Akp51v. Encouragement, Social Media, Writing, Smartphone, Twitter, Marketing, Authors, Social Media Followers, Book Authors
Substack's Latest Features Include Notes and Restack - Akp51v's SummaryMaster51v Blog Post
Many writers, bloggers, book authors, and marketing professionals have used Substack, a newsletter management service, that allows them to collect tips or subscription fees from the readers. Substack will enable Note and Restack features on its website and smartphone app to encourage engaging conversations. This post by Akp51v discusses how these updates can affect Substack users and writers. It also offers tips for logging into Substack Reader smartphone app. #blog #newsletter #updates #writing
Writing Heals Your Mind - Writing Means Meditation - a Blog Post by Akp51v on SummaryMaster51v
When you put down your thoughts on a piece of paper, you become free from the burden of emotions or overthinking. Therefore, writing a journal is beneficial to your psychological well-being. Akp51v wrote this blog post to discuss the advantages of writing. The core theme is how writing heals your mind. #mindset #writing #habits #journal #creativity #stress #emotions #thoughts #blog
This image shows essential tips for boosting self-confidence and leading a healthy social life, according to Akp51v. Reading, Challenges, Confident, Increase, Life, Care, Self, Lack
How to Increase Self-Confidence - Akp51v Writes About Some Practical Strategies to Boost Self-Esteem
A lack of confidence negatively affects your social and psychological well-being. Moreover, you might experience challenges in professional networking events and maintaining relationships with loved ones if you do not feel a certain level of self-confidence. This blog post includes helpful methods that can increase or boost your self-confidence. Remember, this trait is vital for self-care and communication skills. Akp51v has listed 4 to 5 tips for becoming more confident about who you are. #life
This pin image describes how ideas can appear under different circumstances. For example, it says that you must note down an idea to prevent it from disappearing before you act on it. Additionally, this picture says, "Creativity Matters." A blogger and content writer, Akp51v, also has his photo in a circular shape in the bottom-left corner of this Pinterest image. The image features the word Yes in title case using freestyle brush strokes. Films, Ideas, Different, New Ideas, Lifestyle
Different Individuals Get New Ideas Using Unique Methods - Akp51v Writes on SummaryMaster51v Dark
Sometimes, new ideas visit you in your sleep. Otherwise, you might get new ideas while watching a film, listening to music, or eating your favorite meal. So, Akp51v has elaborated on how ideas originate from many aspects of lifestyle. He also suggests some tips for converting ideas into tangible output in this blog post. #ideas #creativity #blog #opinion #tips #note #learn
The image shows a filtered photograph below transparent geometric shapes and includes the text "Bias in Recruitment." This pin shows a blog post category as a quick-read article. Most colors range from indigo, purple, and green, to yellow. Akp51v is the blogger's name who created this pin and posted that blog article. Human, Make Mistakes, Emotions, Job, Blog, Mistakes
Bias in Human Resource Management and Job Recruitment - Akp51v Blogs on SummaryMaster51v Dark
HR managers and interviewers are humans. So, they can make mistakes when selecting a job candidate during recruitment. This short blog post, written by Akp51v, discusses some types of bias in human resources and interviews. Remember, stay alert and learn to observe your emotions to prevent the bias in HR from affecting employee selection.
The image shows a red rectangle with blog content by Akp51v on meaningful work satisfaction. Happiness, Understanding, Mental, Different Types, Body Language, Overcoming
Job Satisfaction and Its Importance - Written by Akp51v - Are You Getting Satsfaction From Work?
Meaningful work increases your satisfaction. You will want to keep working toward an objective and overcome different types of mental and physical challenges if you are truly happy at work. This blog post explores why getting satisfaction by doing meaningful work is vital for your well-being. Akp51v is the blogger who wrote this article on SummaryMaster51v Dark. #blog #writer #happiness #work #satisfaction
A plain grey background features Steve Jobs' photo during his commencement address or speech at Stanford in 2005. Also, the image contains text that admires the impact of Jobs' speech. The bottom left corner shows the blog writer's photo, while the bottom right corner features visual identity used by Akp51v. Perspective, Quotes, Motivation, Dark, Phrase
Steve Jobs's Speech at Stanford University 2005 Blog Post Review by Akp51v
Life lessons in Steve Jobs' speech range from finding your passion to appreciating the uncertain lifespan you get. In his commencement address at Stanford University, Steve Jobs offers a valuable perspective on what matters the most in your life. So, this blog post revisits Steve Jobs' motivational speech. Akp51v, a content writer and blogger, created this piece on SummaryMaster51v Dark, a Blogspot site known for such content.
This article image shows a question about Nokia changing its logo in 2023 to signal strategy revisions, as Akp51v says in a blog post. Visual Identity, ? Logo, Logo, D.i.d., Future, Brand, Ceo, Branding
Did Nokia Change Its Logo? Akp51v Blogs on SummaryMaster51v to Discuss Nokia's New Vision
Nokia, a trusted brand, has a new vision. Changing its branding signals is essential to let the world know about it. Therefore, Nokia announced a new logo in February 2023. How did social media react to this change? What will be the future of Nokia? Has the CEO already answered these questions? Akp51v, a content writer, blogger, and publisher, describes these dynamics on SummaryMaster51v Dark Blog. #Nokia #Branding #Logo #Update #Trending #Blog #Question #Read
Image has two sections highlighting the importance of relaxation since it improves your ability to focus and a photo of the blogger Akp51v who wrote a post on the topic how to relax and improve your productivity Mindfulness Meditation, Guided Meditation, Improve Productivity, How To Focus Better, Increase Productivity, Improve Yourself, Productivity, Relaxation Techniques
Relax to Improve Your Productivity, Concentration, and Sleep - Written by Akp51v - SummaryMaster51v
Modern lifestyle forces individuals to miss opportunities to relax, rest, and re-energize. Therefore, concentrating at a task becomes difficult, and sleep quality declines. How can you relax more to improve your productivity? Akp51v has explored some useful tactics to answer this question in this post on his blogspot.
Abstract geometric image has three translucent spheres or circles, and each circle includes one of the words, "Hope, Growth Mindset, and Fake Positivity." This pin takes you to an article written by Akp51v that explores these three concepts in detail. Also, the background contains blogger's selfie with partial blur effects. This image combines warm and cold colors to create interesting layout borders. Growth Mindset, Positive Psychology, Positive Thinking, Negative Emotions, Mindset, Psychological Stress, Self Help, Positivity Blog
Hope, Growth Mindset, and Fake Positivity - Akp51v Blog Post on SummaryMaster51v Blogspot
Hope helps you stay positive and refrain from giving up too early. But it also affects your ability to understand when a rational strategic retreat is necessary. Akp51v explains in this blog post how hope and growth mindset could evolve into fake positivity. #blog #writing #hope #mindset #positivity #thoughts #blogspot #learn
The circle at the center features the blog title as the role of the educational institutions on a bright yellow textured background with a slightly lighter saturation effect Leadership, Education, Employment Opportunities, Education System, Critical Thinking, Higher Education, Career Options, Vocational Skills, Skills Development
The Role of Educational Institutions Blog Post by Akp51v
What is the goal of an educational institute? It must help students develop creative, objective, and positive attitudes toward life. Besides, the financial capabilities of next generation rely on the quality of educational institutions.
A square image with a monochrome color setup featuring the quote: Write with heart and edit with the brain, by Akp51v. Definition Of Happiness, Emotional Wellness, Detachment, Distractions, Going Insane, Cope Up
Satisfaction of Writing
Write with your heart. You want to separate your satisfaction from external distractions. #blog
a man sitting on top of a window sill looking out at the city below
Separate Your Satisfaction from the Immediate External Events
the word persevenance is written in white on a black background
Perseverance - Definition, Meaning, and Synonyms | SMD Akp51v