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Mother Tara's many-armed protective embrace: 21 Taras according to Surya Gupta — a very special celebration of Supreme Mother Tara, the Liberator - Buddha Weekly: Buddhist Practices, Mindfulness, Meditation Tara Goddess, Mother Goddess, Goddess Art, Shiva Art, Shiva Shakti, Hindu Art, Shiva Hindu, Durga Maa, Krishna

Suryagupta’s 21 Taras

(By Tsem Rinpoche) Dear friends around the world, Due to her enlightened compassion Tara manifests in innumerable forms to benefit sentient beings. These m...

“When society reaches a stage where property confers rank, where wealth becomes the only source of virtue, passion the sole bond between man and wife, falsehood the source of success in life, sex the. Kali Goddess, Indian Goddess, Goddess Art, Maa Kali Images, Kali Tattoo, Mother Kali, Durga Kali, Lord Shiva Family, Spirituality

Illuminati Zeitgeist!

“When inspiration, intuition, imagination and reason are all trained, directed and united in one sublime faculty, he who possesses this faculty possesses the key to all natural mysteries.” - Manly P....

Image from fantasy and syfy. Wicca, Magick, Kali Shiva, Kali Mata, Indian Gods, Indian Art, Durga, Fantasy Girl, Dark Fantasy

Meet Kali, another AI from my novel -The Bodhisattva of Attika. Lord Obsidian is her beloved master.

Sri Ramakrishna meditation in front of Mother Kali and Shiva Kali Goddess, Indian Goddess, Mother Goddess, Indian Saints, Saints Of India, Mother Kali, Divine Mother, Kali Hindu, Hindu Art

imediata – >> Maquiavelagens 18 – KALI graphias do EX-PANT(e)O(n) – artur d’amaru

Maquiavelagens 18 – KALI graphias do EX-PANT(e)O(n) – artur d’amaru “Símbolos e sinais governam o mundo, não leis ou frases” Confúcio Ramakrishna – &

 In spite of her seemingly terrible form, Kali Ma is often considered the kindest and most loving of all the Hindu goddesses. Kali Goddess, Indian Goddess, Mother Goddess, Mother Kali, Divine Mother, Maa Kali Images, Kali Tattoo, Kali Mata, Shiva Shakti

Goddess Kali

"Kali's themes are rebirth, cycles, joy, courage, hope, cleansing and change. Her symbols are flowers, dance, iron, swords, peacock feathers and honey. Kali, a Hindu Goddess whose name means 'time', is the genetrix of natural forces that either build or destroy. Even in destruction, however, She reminds us that good really can come of bad…