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Enhanced Ecommerce is a facelift to traditional ecommerce reporting which was developed by #GoogleAnalytics. This facelift focuses on the performance of a particular product as well as the behavior of the user before the purchase. Traditional #ecommerce report helped you to only know the quantity sold and the revenue made through that.


If I am thinking to get a good #rank on Google than, I need links of my website on other websites. It is not at all an easy task to get a quality #backlinks. Most of the time the website is the main reason why it does not get good links or why people mainly ignore it.

Google is not giving us a delete function, but Google is going to do some cleaning in Adwords accounts and Google has named it as spring cleaning. It is going to be done to get rid of such campaigns, adgroups or ads which are kept as a waste in your #Adwords account. Google is starting this cleaning from 23rd of March, 2015 and it will continue for that week.

Ohh Shit!!! I have deleted that report, by mistake. Earlier, Mistakes was a crime in #Googleanalytics if you are working on it for any client. But now, it is a mistake and you can undo your mistake made in #analytics but only before 35 days. Google has received many feedbacks about this issue and after these feedbacks Google has planned out a way and brought for you a #TrashCan. It is kind of a safety net which you will get each time you delete any view or any property or any account.

Search Query Reports are used by most of the marketers to search negative #keywords but this report has much more value than you can think. This post is going to help you to know more about essential parts of the campaign expansion (#SearchQueryReport) in #GoogleAdwords and #BingAds account. Every advertiser uses this report but they don’t know the true value of it.

Content Marketing is considered as the leading strategy in SEO for past few years or we can say it got boost after panda update 2011. The Update made huge fluctuations in Google ranking because user experience become the utmost priority then the keyword stuffing things that we earlier used to follow. #Contentmarketing has evolved as the center point of any online marketing strategy which involves #SEO, #socialmediamarketing, PR and online #conversions.

Conversion Tracking – A Word That Have It All, Read to know why conversion tracking plays a vital role in paid advertising.