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AktivOrtho™ is India's first-of-its-kind comprehensive centre for orthopaedic, neurological and gynaecological rehabilitation as well as sports medicine, pain management, prevention, podiatry (foot ailments), medical training therapy (MTT) and weight management solutions located in New Delhi and Gurgaon.
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Introducing state-of-the-art, German designed rehabilitation equipment together with our team of experienced and certified medical professionals led by Dr. Mueller and Dr. Rana Chengappa, MBBS, DSM, we are committed to providing our patients with European standard medical care, personalised 1-on-1 treatment and leading expertise in the field of non-surgical orthopaedic, and neurological rehabilitation, pain management, prevention, sports medicine and weight management.

As a renowned European orthopaedic specialist, Dr. Gerd Mueller's goal is to apply the best of European standards, expertise and experience to the field of Indian orthopaedic rehabilitation. Dr. Mueller's approach is a combination of both active and passive therapy enabling people to function better in their daily lives.


Physiotherapy can be more than just physiotherapy. It works and helps best when it is embedded in a structure and a system.

All of AktivOrtho's treatment programs include a combination of passive and active therapy.

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