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two people in a field with the words, call me old fashioned but i would rather hear your voice than read your text
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It depends on my mood -I don't like unexpected things, but if I'm totally expecting your call then yes.
an image with the words unexpected conversations with gorgeous soul's written in black and white
Always Sunny
This is my favorite pasttime. ~ETS #gorgeoussouls #unexpectedconversations #lifeisbeautiful
a black and white photo with the words by the way, i'm wearing the smile you gave me
Thanks Michelle, I'm feeling happy thinking about the positive changes you are helping me make.
an image with the quote unexpected phone calls and texts tend to be the best and can instantly improve a person's mood and state of mind
I get these everyday from my husband and the joy and love I feel when I do makes me so happy!
an image of the simpsons on twitter
Tumblr Tuesday 8-16 - Strange Beaver
Funny tumblr post
two texts that are in the same language, one is not talking to each other
If I still had texting buddies, I would do this. lol.
two texts that have been shared to each other, one is telling them how they are talking
Dad is way ahead of you kid. - LolSnaps
Dad is way ahead of you kid.
an image of a woman with text that reads, my vocemail message should say you know good and well i'm not going to answer so please
if i answer an unexpected phone call then you have definately reached me on a good day.
two texts that are in the same language
18 Small Ways To Brighten Your Best Friend's Day
Your best friend is the only person you want to drop by unexpectedly, so do it!
the best things happen when you're unexpected by andy warhol
100 Inspirational and Motivational Quotes of All Time! (36) - LifeHack
We often insist that life be SAFE and PREDICTABLE and only give us good things…
a penguin that is standing in front of a blue background with the caption, successful flirting with a girl loudy burps on her face
Can Any Social Anxiety Treatment Be Effective in Treatment?
Socially awkward penguin
an orange background with the words i feel like being a girl comes with a lot of items and conditions that i didn't sign up for
Teenager Post #15265 ~ I feel like being a girl comes with a lot of terms and conditions that I didn't sign up for. ☮
a card with a string wrapped around it and the words nailed it written on it
21 Totally Unexpected Holiday Cards To Send This Year
For the walking Pinterest fail. | 21 Totally Unexpected Holiday Cards To Send This Year