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Back Hand Mehndi - love the detailing towards the end of fingers

Indian Henna Mehndi Designs Pics for Eid. It is used by women and girls for decorating their hands to look beautiful. Since ages people have been using mehndi for these purposes in every part of Pakistan

Gurdeep Grewal submitted beautiful mehndi designs for our 3rd Annual Mehndi Maharani Contest.

Mehndi designs for hands seem to become my favorite topic. As I will be writing about images of mehndi but I don’t have anything in my mind. I read many websites that contain similar articles about mehndi designs for hands … Continue reading →

Gorgeous...mehndi, Arabic, full, lush, and ornate...believe that's black "henna" (not true henna and dangerous) unfortunately. .breathtaking design though

mehndi, Arabic, full, lush, and ornate. My humble apologies for previously assuming that this was 'black ' henna.ill be more Careful in the future.this is a trur masterpiece that deserves recognition

Awesome henna design

Top Pakistaani Bridal Mehndi Designs Collection Pakistani Bridal Mehdni designs 2015 are more prominent in all over the world .