Love that David Hockney is wearing two different colored socks in two of my favorite colors. Not to mention it looks great with his plaid suit and paisley tie.

A sprawling exhibition at San Francisco’s de Young Museum gathers together David Hockney's prodigious, relentlessly experimental output of the past decade, iPad paintings and all.

After viewing the work of David Hockney, students in the Introduction to Photography class will attempt a composite photographic “grid” using the subject or theme of their choice.

The Road across the Wolds, 1997 by David Hockney. This bright, vivid print depicts the rolling countryside of Hockney’s beloved Yorkshire as it part of a larger series of painting he did of the area.

The Bell Tower, from The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales, etching and aquatint by David Hockney, date available from Hester Gallery.