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martin luther king with quote on black and white photograph, in front of an audience
I Have a dream! That one day my mom will understand that online games CANNOT BE PAUSED!
a cartoon boy is holding a computer and kissing the screen with his mouth, which reads, the kids living in today's world will never know this struggle
Funny Pictures Of The Day - 45 Pics
The gamers struggle
a large blue poster with many different types of boats in the water and on top of it
PAC_MAN appears on the "How to Pick the Perfect Video Game" Infographic... I'm glad Psychonauts and Windwaker are on there.
an image of a jungle scene with birds flying in the air and trees on the ground
DKC : Rainy Beats by Orioto on DeviantArt
DKC : Rainy Beats by on @deviantART
the poster shows different types of video game controllers
This is their idea of "humor."
and btw i know the answers to this...This is their idea of "humor." | So, There's A Pinterest For Dudes Now
multiple images of the same character in an animated video game, each with different colors and sizes
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Video game characters then and now
two cartoon characters riding on top of a train
DK and Diddy Ride the Minecart #Nintendo #SNES #TGIMemories
an old school video game t - shirt with the words it's on like
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It's On Like Donkey Kong T SHIRT Gamer Geek Video Game Atari Funny Vintage Tee
an image of four different video game characters with caption in spanish, english and spanish