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Art, memes and other concepts with a delightful theme of horror.
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an image of a creepy clown holding out his hands with the words, he's following me
a woman dressed as an angel with white wings and blood on her face is standing in the dark
Lauren LaVera in TERRIFIER 2 (2022) - Dir. Damien Leone.
a man dressed as a clown holding an object in one hand and wearing a mask on the other
a person in a white mask standing next to a wall with a clock on it
David Howard Thornton as Art The Clown in TERRIFIER (2017) - Dir. Damien Leone.
a comic strip with an image of a person holding a knife
8 hours
8 hours - Imgur
an image of a halloween poster with creepy people in the background and a teddy bear holding a jack - o'- lantern
a pencil drawing of two people with makeup on their faces and one is wearing a mask
i live and breathe horror movies
.especially at halloween time!
a t - shirt with an image of two people on it
Us, The Villains!: Photo
an image of a poster with different types of writing on it
[Infographic] The Scary Clichés of Horror Movies - Storyblocks Blog
Infographic: The Scary Clichés of Horror Movies
an info sheet with the names and numbers for each movie
Dracula Retold: From Gothic Horror to Tragic Hero [Infographic] - HalloweenCostumes.com Blog
Dracula Retold: From Gothic Horror to Tragic Hero
a painting of a nun with green eyes and a cross on her chest in the dark
Welcome To The CREEPSHOW
Valak from ‘The Conjuring 2’ by Devin Francisco
a poster with the names of different characters
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geeky etsy love
a cartoon character wearing a hat with the words he sees you when you're sleeping
Freddy Krueger Christmas by Big Purple Glasses