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wooden panels are arranged in rows on the wall
Love The Look Of Oak? We’ve Got The Place For You | Habitus Living
an empty room with benches and tables in the center is lit by lights that are hanging from the ceiling
Sacred Spaces — Will Scott Photography
an empty room with a tree in the center and white walls on both sides,
Concrete Floor
Standard grey concrete, smooth machine troweled natural finish, low sheen, water-based sealer.
an empty room with white walls and ceiling lights on either side of the wall is a potted plant
takeshi hosaka architects: daylight house
the sun shines through the windows in an empty room with white walls and flooring
When architecture is designed around sunlight - Direct Paint
an empty room with wooden walls and beams on the ceiling is lit by sunlight streaming through the windows
Gallery of Light as a Design Statement: Inspiring Ways to Manage Natural Lighting - 16
an empty walkway in the middle of a city with lots of white coverings on it
Lycée Français Louis Massignon / Segond-Guyon Architectes
the roof is covered with white plastic sheeting
Gallery of Lycée Français Louis Massignon / Segond-Guyon Architectes - 8
an empty hallway with wooden walls and ceiling
Tenglong Apartment’s Apace Design by CUN Design
an empty restaurant with wooden tables and benches
Gallery of Ryoutei Matsuko + Matsuko Fast Food / Tsutsumi and Associates - 19
an empty kitchen with wooden ceiling and counter tops, as well as stools in front of the bar
Ginshariya Restaurant / Tsutsumi & Associates
© Beijing Ruijing Photo (Misae Hiromatsu, Yuming Song)