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This technique is called "zoom burst" where you take a long exposure and zoom in or out while the shutter is still open. With just a little practice and experimentation, it's a really easy effect to achieve. Greg Foster Photography on Flickr

Light Calligraphy by Julien Breton

Light Calligrapy by Julien Brenton ...... Photographer, calligrapher and light painter Julien Breton has released a new series of light calligraphy as an identity for the dance and music crew Compagnie Cortex. Breton illustrates the movements of the Cortex dancers with his flawless golden calligraphy, a departure from the artist’s signature work with architecture and nature.

Verizon’s got half the country covered with LTE

This is a photo of carlights with slow shutter speed, to create this motion blur.

Fire Dancer by -Jamian...I love fire dancers Mexico we even had them in our back yard memories memories

The cool color contrast with the colorful trail of the traffic. It reminds me that the combination of motion and stationary objects gives the picture more visual impact. #semiphoto