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Skin Revitalizing Serum - $50.00 Skin Revitalizing Serum is designed to be the age controlling center piece in any skin care regimen, essential for smoothing, firming and protecting the skin.

Scalp Conditioning Oil - $28.00 Our essential oil blend draws from the same traditional remedies to complete our conditioning, balancing product.

Argan Créme - $45.00 Argan crème is rich in biogenic ingredients and botanicals like ru xiang that are paired with some important cosmeceuticals.

Golden Radiance Pearl Cream - $45.00 Our Golden Radiance Cream improves the appearance of sun damage, pigmentation conditions, acne and redness, and brightens the appearance of the skin.

Mei Zen Cosmetics - Balance in a Bottle.. These are high quality, unique line of products that were natural, active, and results-oriented, as well as rooted in the tradition of Chinese medicine.

Neroli Peptide Eye Cream - $32.00 Neroli Peptide Eye Cream helps address discoloration and circulation with edelweiss and magnolia bark extract.

In the Clinic - Mei Zen Regimen.. Mei Zen Cosmetics line while working together with cosmetic acupuncture clients.

Immortelle Marine Toner - $22.00 It protects, hydrates, and prepares skin for the application of serums and creams containing active natural ingredients.