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July 1945 – A long-exposure photo captures the Trinity nuclear test seconds after detonation. It was first atomic bomb blast in history. Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Test, Nuclear Bomb, Nuclear Energy, First Atomic Bomb, Bomba Nuclear, New Mexico History, Black Beast, Rare Historical Photos

The Trinity Test, the day the Nuclear Age began, 1945 - Rare Historical Photos

Until the atomic bomb could be tested, doubt would remain about its effectiveness. The world had never seen a nuclear explosion before, and estimates varied widely on how much energy…

A fun night at a party Column of Fire Magick, Fire, Shiva, Scary, Dancing, Numbers, Pictures, Deviantart, Inspiration

Column of Fire by xisraphelx on DeviantArt

A fun night at a party Column of Fire

Shiva "the Destroyer" Brahma is the creator and Vishnu the preserver. But dissolution is necessary so the cycle can start all over again. The Earth is entering the "Time of Shiva" when old ways of being are dissolving in preparation for the Golden age. The Tao Of Physics, Indian Eyes, Nataraja, Shiva Shakti, Shiva Art, Greatest Mysteries, Knowledge And Wisdom, New Earth, Together We Can

SivaThaandava Stotram : "JataaTavee Gala Jjala , Pravaaha Paavitha Sthale GalevaLamhya Lambithaam, Bhujanga Thunga Maalikaam Dama Ddama Dama Ddama , Ninnadha VaddaMarvayam Chakaara Chanda Thaandavam ,ThanothuNa Shiva Shivam "

SivaThaandavam :- The cosmic dance of creation, and destruction . " The dance of Shiva is the dancing universe, the ceaseless flow of energy going through an infinite variety of patterns that melt into one another." - Quote From The Book "The Tao Of Physics " by Fritjof Capra . Some Info Here... Nataraja At CERN What They Really Do There... Nataraja Idol Captured With Canon EOS 1000D+ 55-250mm IS Lens .

What Are Those Strange Thin Smoke Columns Around Nuclear Bomb Tests? Nuclear Bomb Test, Test Image, Fire Heart, Columns, Shiva, Neon Signs, Smoke, Smoking

What Are Those Strange Thin Smoke Columns Around Nuclear Bomb Tests?

This video shows part of a nuclear blast test. Notice those parallel smoke trails? They are present in many other nuclear test images and videos, but they are not created by the blast itself. What are they?