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an orange and gray fish pattern on a black background
Hidekazu Nomura No.037
some yellow and white tiles with mouses on them in the shape of hexagonal shapes
Steampunk, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Psychedelic Art, Art Nouveau Poster, Art Movement, Art Nouveau Illustration, Poster Art
"Trident" - Pencil and digital color. A piece I did in early 2018. Who else illustrates in the Art Nouveau style? HMU!
a group of people sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a park fence
13 More Bad Family Photos: Relatively Speaking | Team Jimmy Joe
15 More Bad Family Photos: Relatively Speaking -
Unexpected PDA’s (public display of affection) Public, New Mums, Public Display Of Affection, Mom Junction, Public Display, Delivering A Baby, Display, Pda, Perfectly Imperfect
15 Gestures That Men Find Cute About A Woman
Unexpected PDA’s (public display of affection)
two people standing at a desk in front of a blackboard
16 Times Students & Teachers Crossed The Line On TV
an illustration of a woman with a hat on her head looking out from behind a blue triangle
Kamin on Twitter
Kamin on Twitter: "Bijinga… "
a drawing of a woman wearing a black suit and white shirt with red lipstick on her lips
ArtStation - Explore
ArtStation - Cruella, Gretel Lusky
an illustration of a woman with long black hair and orange shirt holding a fan in her hand
Русский в Японии
Русский в Японии, [28 июл. 2021 в 12:09] Иллюстратор и дизайнер под псевдонимом Kamin черпает вдохновение в ретро-стилистике Запада и Японии, особенно в образах и работах 80-х годов. В цветах, которые Kamin использует в иллюстрациях, чувствуется западное влияние, а композиция работ вдохновлена японским искусством, а также старой сёдзё-мангой. Особенно художник отмечает влияние на свой стиль мангаки Ёсиды Акими, автора «Banana Fish». Работы Kamin часто объединены некой тематикой. В некоторых из