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I like seeing it as emotions trigger chemicals which trigger further responses.but yeah, the point still stands.

Love quotes for him--The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs. Find out.... LOVE & LIGHT 2 YOUR SOULS

Deep love for you is fun , exciting , loving , warm , the list goes on !

Powerful words.

Powerful words.


i knew i did from the first moment we met. not love at first sight exactly, but - familiarity.

That or I'll start spilling out my guts of emotion at you and you better listen and care or I will flip out more

You make me the happiest boy alive

If this Aint God.

10 Amazing Makeup Tips to make your brown eyes look incredible. #browneyes #makeup #beauty

10 Amazing Makeup Tips for Brown Eyes

"If you see something beautiful in someone, speak it." -Ruthie Lindsey It's advice that can almost never go wrong. It will make the person feel better; it will help you feel better. It will, quite literally, make the world a little better.


I'm always in the mood for this. Music & the open road.

Words escape me °•○°•○ but I can show you ...

I love you more than you know I thank God for you because saved my life True Story

#understanding someone’s #mind is #different #intimacy.. #relationships #life #inspiration #motivational #quotes #thedailylife

#understanding someone’s #mind is #different #intimacy.. #relationships #life #inspiration #motivational #quotes #thedailylife

Come here, I miss you Daddy ❤

Oh, my sexy, handsome Baby! I DO miss you so much! It kills my heart - I miss you so badly that I ache. Please come back to me soon!


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100 Relationships Quotes About Happiness Life To Live By 76

100 Relationships Quotes About Happiness Life To Live By

100 Relationships Quotes About Happiness Life To Live By 76

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INFJ: Introvert iNtuituve Feeling Judging I'm super easy to please but I don't care for the same old stuff on Valentine's Day. Let me spend time with the person I love and I'm good.

Sometimes I feel as I'm made to understand but not to be understood.